19th Mar 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Wednesday 19th March 2008

Right guys, hold on a moment whilst i dust off my keypad and de-rust my fingers with some WD40....It's been a while!!!

Good PR

A good bit of PR for the McCann's today as the naughty Dailies have been forced to issue public apologies concerning articles accusing them of killing thier daughter Madeleine and covering up the evidence. Both the Daily Express and the Daily Star have held their hands up and posted a front page 'sorry', announcing that there was no evidence whatsoever to support the theory and that the McCann's are completely innocent. The Express newspapers have agreed to pay £550,000 towards the 'Find Madeleine' campaign in compensation. Further apologies are expected to follow from the Sunday papers who are said to be following suit.

Bad PR

I know we have completely exhausted this topic over recent weeks....BUT....seriously when is this woman going to stop???!!! Mills has been at it again and not even Yeti PR magic can save her now. She's still all over the papers like a rash and not in a good way. I fear this could lead to some sort of epidemic as the backlash continues. Now judge Mr Justice Bennett has jumped on the bandwagon, branding greedy Mills a "liar" and a "fantasist" with a "warped perception"....ouch!!! Personally I can't wait untill all this is chip wrap.....seriously Heather, just take the money and run!!!

"All wrapped up"

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