30th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR and Bad PR - Wednesday 30th January 2008

Today's choice from Helen

Good PR

Has to go to internet game Second Life for its proven matchmaking potential for gaming geeks. The game allows individuals to reinvent themselves as super hot characters in a virtual world inhabited by other PC users which they can interact and socialise with. Lonely Kirsten Birkin found salvation from her controlling partner by morphing herself into busty beauty Kira and begun a virtual affair with fellow Second Life player Steve Sweet, whose character Nik swept her off her feet.

Just 18 months later the former love losers are now engaged and expecting a baby all thanks to a second chance from Second Life.

second lifeGive us a kiss then

Bad PR

Anti-freeze's killing potential has to get a mention after a woman (residing in my home town of Burton on Trent I might add) tried to poison her husband on their seventh wedding anniversary in a desperate bid for his life insurance. The consequences of the meal were shocklingly severe when her husband was left blind and deaf suffering with kidney failure and brain damage.

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