21st Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Good PR Bad PR January 21st

You thought I had forgotten didn't you!

Going to try and shorten these a bit to a few lines at most as they seem to be over taking the blog!

Today's chosen by Andy

Good PR
David Beckham, quietly dropped by Gillette razors and replaced by Tiger Woods and co, the Beckham managed to get away with it without much public fanfare. Probably down to his rock steady PR team.

Pic Cred: Sydney Morning Herald
Beckham has more good PR than the good lord himself (not Fowler!)

Bad PR
The Governments Casino Team. Ladbrookes is the latest big name to distance itself from the Governments campaign to get more people in debt by introducing casino's to the mainstream UK population. Ladbrookes will not be applying to run any of the the UK's proposed 15 casino's. I cannot see why the Labour party does not just knock the idea on the head as a bad job all round

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