23rd May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Grabs the Pipe and Goes a Bit Sherlock

No doubt people were starting to panic wondering what the devil had happened to the 10 Yetis blog today... no posts by midday and all that?

Well, the sad news is that Jilly and I had our home burgled yesterday and so far today we have been trying to get things safe and secure. We are still trying to work out what has been taken but the sheer pain in the arse factor is currently at Level 10.

The police and scenes of crime people were really good, but in reality I think there is little chance of our things re-appearing.

We were advised by the Police to keep popping in to Cash Converters to see if any of our stuff is on sale there! Made me smile.
Cash Converters
Apparently the choice of providers for Smack addicts across the UK

Anyway, no doubt normal service will resume soon.

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