16th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Graphic Design Shy's Away from Celeb lifestyle

I am always banging on about the PR and viral marketing side of things for 10 Yetis and Jilly is obviously not as much of a trumpet blower as me when it comes to shouting about success on the design, illustration, web and graphic side.

I was taking a look through our updated design portfolio when I noticed loads of new client wins that we have not mentioned on the best propaganda of all propaganda tools, our blog :-)

So, the last few months have been hectic and there are still a few campaigns being finished off that are waiting to go into the portfolio as well.

To see the updated portfolio, click here.

Below is a quick shifty at what the design side has been up to recently.

Mark James Bowness is the co founder of TribeWanted and his next project is VIPBandManager. He came to us for a personal site he could use in order to give more info about what he is about, the types of things he is interested in and how people can get in touch with him with ideas. The personal site we did for him is called People Passion Planet, go have a peek.

We also won a contract to create an entirely new site for a leading south west based property company called PropForward Solutions (the link has just passed you in this sentance. Thanks to the success of that site we were tasked with doing a brochure site for PropForwards new land acquisition that will be developed into housing called The Old Brewery.

This will sound really daft but I am totally loving the favicons in the web address bar for these two sites as they remind me of Mark Rothko work.

On top of this we were tasked with doing the branding for a new London based IT company formed by a leading operator in his field. The company is Lightning Tools and the branding work can be seen in our design portfolio. The website is also going to be 10 Yeti'd, and I will blog the link when it all goes live.

Felt Tip Pens
Jilly never goes over the lines or anything when colouring in

We have so much going on over on the design side and I should blog about it more often... in my defence I am sucked in by the lure of the brights lights of public relations.

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