08th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Great Graphic Design Work Gets Spotted & Published

January was fantastic month for 10 Yetis for a whole host of reasons but one thing in particular stood out…. Jilly’s design work yet again!

In 2006 Jilly got herself and 10 Yetis nominated for a respected art award and was then asked to exhibit some of her graffiti graphic design at a global art expo and now in 2007 she has kicked off the year by getting her work published in a book that celebrates design excellence.

99 Sillhouttes was edited by Marie & Steve Campbell and comes out of the Debut Publications media house. The blurb in the book says, “The publication reflects the diverse approaches, versatility, influences and genres adopted when producing silhouette based artwork and acts as a snapshot of the current commercial, visual and cultural environment”… and who am I to disagree.

Book Cover
The book cover that Jilly is in

It retails for £14 and is available from good retailers such as Amazon and Waterstones and I am sure some bad ones too!

Hey pretty lady, you like a good book?
Jilly with The Book and a hat

The title: 99 Silhouttes
ISBN: 13:978-0-95524311-0

Book Synopsis:

From signage on toilet doors to Japanese shadow puppet theatre, the silhouette can boast both a wonderful and rich history - and contemporary appeal. Historically reinventing itself across cultures and genres it is an artform which has evolved throughout the ages, responding and reflecting technical capabilities and an increasingly demanding visual environment. Advances in design software have reduced the creation of silhouettes to the click of a mouse, yet the key to a strong silhouette is the same today as it always has been, lying in the resourcefulness of the artist.

In the most basic terms a silhouette is an image consisting of the outline of a person or object filled with solid colour usually appearing dark against a light background, light against a dark background or, in looser terms, in some other way in contrast to the background. The production of a silhouette is based on the principles of omitting unnecessary detail from the subject. At its best, a silhouette can transcend language boundaries, the very essence of graphic communication. As an artform it can create a scene so visually legible that it conveys narrative, emotion, mood and energy in nothing more than an outline.

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