20th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Gushes about Bobbie Johnson Start ups Article in Guardian

Just when I am on the brink of ditching the Guardian and going back to The Times as my paper of choice an article comes along that makes me remember just why I love reading the cardigan wearers favourite.

I have long been a fan of Bobbie Johnson, the Tech journalist for the Guardian and this week he absolutely nailed another interesting topic, this time about the concerns of dot com start-ups in Europe.

From my experience it is true that dot coms in the Europe generally have a bit of a moan that they don't have the support infrastructure that dot coms in the USA have. Johnson uses the article to explore this and highlights various points such as the fact Broadband is alot more prevalent in Europe than in the USA as is the mobile phone network and technology.

Bobbie Johnson
Have I mentioned that I accidently spammed him with the same press release six time once?

The full article can be read by clicking this link I gave it above, but the crux is that European star-ups should grasp the nettle and enhance the power of the internet to give them the global success they deserve and not just worry about grabbing the attention of funding houses to get them up and running.

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