20th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Has a Giggle About BBC Black Wednesday

As our favourite BBC creations Lou and Andy would say, "what a kerfuffle". Wednesday is being labelled by some as "BBC's Black Wednesday" because this was the day the BBC came out and listed all of its shows were callers had been faked or viewers misled in someway about how a sequence was shot.

The full list of Beeb shows to have fallen foul of the witch hunt is long and dull, but the notable highlights include Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Children in Need. It turns out that in a fair few kids shows and alike, when a winner was announced the chances are it was faked and the person who rang in was a member of the production crew.

Is the answer (a) John Wayne or (b) it was faked?

A few specific things falling out of this cracked me up, one being that a Radio 4 pre recorded program used fak, funnily enough, pre recorded winners, how did they expect to get away with that. The other amusing thing is not that BBC World Service, the last bastion of respected journalism across the world faked the winner of a phone in competition, but that they ran one in the first place. The World Service goes out around, erm... the world and I imagine a phone in competition is viewed as being a bit downmarket for this paticular channel.

Personally, I see TV for what it is, entertainment, and as part of that I naturally assume that articles and shows are glamourised to make them interesting and run more smoothly. I can understand that if you spent hundreds of pounds competing in these quizes and phone ins you would be angry, but really, you have to question why people do spend so much time doing so.

On a final note, funnies revelation for me so far? Has to be Channel 4's "F-Word" with mighty mouth Ramsey. Turns out that in one of the shows it was made to look like Gordon Ramset cought a fish that he later went on to cook. In reality it has emerged that a spear fisherman was used to catch the fish that was then placed onto his fishing line. Fan-F***ing-Tastic, as the chef would say.

Gordon Ramsey
F*ck off if you think I am catching a fish you f***ing muppet

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