09th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis has to tread carefully, but...

Proving that not all press is good press, a really odd story in the media at the minute is that of F1 boss Max Mosley, son of notorious British fascist Sir Oswald Mosley. Mr Mosley has lost his high court bid to prevent the world from seeing a sordid video capturing him in the act with no less than 5 prostitutes thanks to News of the World.

That is not all.

Mr Mosley is said to have acted out 'sick Nazi' fantasies in the video, which will cast undue attention unto the otherwise fairly clean motorsport. This is about as bad as bad PR gets for an individual, you've got to admit, without them having killed somebody!

Ze Judge Lies!

In the video, Max spoke in a German accent when speaking English, shouted at the ladies of the night in question in German (it's come out that they didn't even speak a word of German), and delivered and counted out 'beatings' in German whilst German military uniforms were worn. Sick of the word 'German' yet? Apparently, the judge wants Mr Mosley to answer to all of the above facts, as deluded old Max claims that he was not conveying Nazi connotations.

Maybe Max hoped that he would get a slice of Paris Hilton fame based on it?

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