20th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis have to comment on the Pregnant Man!

He's just your everyday, run of the mill, 8 month pregnant man, with fully functional female genitals. What could be more normal than that? Why would people cruelly stop, mutter, point and stare?

Well, I'll take a break from the muttering, pointing and staring to tell you.

This is such a weird story that it makes Michael Jackson look like your average Jesus Juice toting bloke down the pub, and begs people to judge at the risk of being smote by a vengeful Old Testament God/Morgan Freeman.

The guy in question, Thomas Beatie, has declared that he wants to live a normal life with his baby and wife, but having been born Tracy Lagondino (once a Hawaiian beauty queen, interestingly!), this is unlikely to happen following his partial sex change, which included a full masectomy. A line has to be drawn somewhere - how do you think the baby (a girl by the way) is going to feel once she finds out that other daddys don't sit down to wee? The psychiatrist bills alone are going to cost more than the national debt of a third world country and Britney Spears' rehab tab combined.

Just to inform, the sperm was donated by an anonymous donor, and then Thomas was insemnated by his wife, Nancy - a perfectly normal way of conceiving, then.

The likely conception tool of choice.

I wish for them to have as happy and normal a life as possible, honestly I do, but they'll have to expect a certain amount of public and media attention, speculation and judgement - it's not everyday you catch sight of a bearded, baby bundled bloke.

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