06th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Head of Security and Facilities Laughs at Weak Tools

Our Head of Security and Facilities, Hugo, is always on the look out for rogue items around the office that he can "road test" in terms of their chew-ability...

So far he has road-tested the phone cables, resulting in a new phone system being needed; road-tested a Firewire cable, resulting in a new one being needed and most recently he comprehensively road-tested a wayward Addidas Classic trainer belonging to myself that now needs replacing.

Having now secured the rest of the office from his testing process he was forced to road-test his own toys and he turned his attention to a star-fish that was supposedly dog proof and "Battle-Tested".

10 minutes after him entering into battle with his new oponent it had to be put in the bin, see the picture below.

Pr agency dog Hugo
Star Fish after 10 mins war with Hugo

He is now taking an afternoon nap (see image below), complete with a big bit of stuffing near the end of his nose, the only sign of his victory in the war he waged with the supposedly Battle Tested Starfish!

Pr agency dog Hugo
Innocent Dog With Stuffing

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