15th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Hear About New Slimmer iPhone

Well, what a shocker and slightly odd story. A stock analyst called Kevin Chang at JP Morgan claimed on Wednesday that a new slimmed down version of the iPhone was in the pipeline.

Chang said that based on Apple's patent application's and "insider information" he had from Apple big wigs he knew something was on the way.
JP Morgan
JP Morgan, dudes who do some important financial shizzle

The US stock exchange went into overdrive and Apple's shares went through the roof to reach an all time high, up 1.5%. Apple was of course quite shocked at this announcement and in quite an odd move three seperate analysts from JP Morgan came out and rubbished the report written by their colleague, Kevin Chang.

What is the point... apart from raising Apple's share price for happy investors.

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