17th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis is Loving Retro Big Brand Slogans

As I mentioned the other day, I read a really interesting article in Brand Strategy mag that was a case study looking at Pepsi Co and how it has managed its brand over the years.

I am not going to go into the in’s and out’s because, well it would be flipping dull but from reading a specific section about all the slogans Pepsi has used over the years I thought I would dig about and see what other slogans big name brands have used over the years.

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I was shocked at the amount of changes, and it serves as a good example to SME’s that if you want to mimic the big companies you need to keep refreshing and tweaking your “brand image” so it works as effectively and efficiently as possible. Now I know using phrases like “brand image” etc is incredibly horrible marketing waffle and this is why I am keeping the narrative to a minimum and going to just put the slogans below… how many can you remember?

To start, here is Pepsi’s over the years:

1939: Twice as much for a nickel
1950: More Bounce to the Ounce
1958: Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi
1961: Now it’s Pepsi for Those Who Think Young
1963: Come Alive, You’re in the Pepsi Generation
1967: Pepsi Pours It On
1969: You’ve Got a Lot to Live, Pepsi’s Got a Lot to Give
1973: Join the Pepsi People – Feeling Free
1975: Have a Pepsi Day
1979: Catch That Pepsi Spirit
1981: Pepsi’s got you taste for life
1983: Pepsi’s Now
1984: The Choice of a New Generation
1991: Gotta Have it
1995: Nothing Else is Pepsi
1997: GeneratioNext
1999: Ask for More/The Joy of Cola
2003: It’s The Cola/Dare for more
2007: More Happy

What is good about these is that within reason, you can still imagine the majority of these working nowadays.

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Taste Challenge Winners

The comes McDonald’s

1961: Look for the golden arches
1971: You deserve a break today
1975: We do it all for you
1984: It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's
1997: Did somebody say McDonald's?
2002: Smile
2003: I'm lovin' it

Personally, I really like the 1961 slogan and suspect that may make a comeback in the next few years

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Ba da da da da – Do the rest

And then we move onto Coca Cola… basically I have had to shrink this list as it started in 1886 and you would still be reading it tomorrow if I put them all in.

Coca Cola
1950 Help yourself to refreshment
1951 Good food and Coca-Cola just naturally go together
1952 Coke follows thirst everywhere
What you want is Coke
The gift of thirst
1953 Dependable as sunrise
1954 For people on the go
Matchless flavor
1955 Almost everyone appreciates the best
America's preferred taste
1956 Feel the difference
Friendliest drink on earth
Makes good things taste better
1957 Sign of good taste
1958 Refreshment the whole world prefers
The cold, crisp taste of Coke
1959 Cold, crisp taste that deeply satisfies
Make it a real meal
1960 Relax with Coke
Revive with Coke
1961 Coke and food - refreshing new feeling
1962 Enjoy that refreshing new feeling
Coca-Cola refreshes you best
1963 A chore's best friend
Things go better with Coke
1964 You'll go better refreshed
1965 Something more than a soft drink
1966 Coke...after Coke...after Coke
1970 It's the real thing
1971 I'd like to buy the world a Coke
1975 Look up America
1976 Coke adds life
1979 Have a Coke and a Smile
1982 Coke is it!
1985 We've got a Taste for You (Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola classic)
America's Real Choice
1986 Catch the wave (Coca-Cola)
Red White & You (Coca-Cola classic)
1989 Can't Beat the Feeling
1990 Can't Beat the Real Thing
1993 Always Coca-Cola

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