15th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis is Loving Snoop Dogg Viral Marketing Campaign on MTV Oz

Snoop Dogg is not everyone's cup of tea but over at 10 Yetis towers, where we keep a watching eye on new viral marketing campaigns we have noticed that our favourite badass is certainly on a promo push right now.

E! Entertainment has just announced that Snoop and his family are to be featured in a fly on the wall documentary, similar to The Osbornes... quite exciting but not quite as good as his second and more viral campaign.

Regular followers of the muther flubbers career will know that Snoop recently got banned from Oz and was not allowed in for a music tour.

MTV Oz was not having this and has set up a campaign to get Snoop Oz citizeship. The mini site is called Snoop (how do they come up with that?).

Mutha F*****g Hustler
Just a mo fo hustler trying to get into Oz

It features videos and reasons why Snoop should be allowed in and also has an online petition. It will be interesting to see how this progresses, will he get in?

ONe thing I am not sure about is where MTV filmed all the supposed bits of Snoop in Oz? I thought he was banned, so it must have been a studio in the USA made to look like Oz.

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