03rd Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis is Loving the Grocers Blog

If I had to choose a Supermarket to shop at then it would definately be Waitrose. Not only is its food fantastic but their marketing is spot on as well.

The latest thing I have heard about is that the MD of Waitrose, Mark Price, is doing a blog about his attempts to lose 10cm off his waistline.

The guy has rather rudely been labelled as the "Chubby Grocer" by industry gossips and he claims his PR and his wife (written in that order) have persuaded him to go on a diet so he becomes the "Not so Chubby Grocer".

He has got the Waitrose nutritionist on board to help him out and together they are embarking on a plan that allows him to keep his plentiful eating and drinking lifestyle going, but somehow still lose weight.

Pic Cred: Frshinfo.com
The Chubby Grocer Mark Price

All good PR for Waitrose, especially as he also claims that the blog he is writing to log his journey will also contain details of who he has had lunch with and what was discussed.

In another really funny quote I read, Mr Price says that the quality of a supermarket should be judged on the size of the MD's waistline and he points out that Morrisons and Tesco's MD's are very skinny whilst the Sainsbury's MD is a little bigger leaving Waitrose out in front by having the chubbiest MD. Quality.

To read the blog, click this little link.

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