08th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Knows Secret of Risking it All Style TV

For a few years now I have studiously watched these business saviour type TV shows and to be honest, what they do aint no rocket science and it all comes back to one area... (to be revealed).

Martin Webb
Risking it All Dude

The general consensus for all these shows, no matter what sector or industry, is as follows:

- Show a once thriving business that is now in decline
- Show the owners now looking depressed and unmotivated
- "Expert" goes in undercover to scout it out and gasps in horrow at (insert bad things here)
- "Expert" dresses shop, product or service up and gets some expensive branding fool that the owners could never afford to do something radical.
- Owners go off for makeover themselves
- "Expert" suggests "wacky" campaign that will get media attention
- Groovy and very eye catching flyers are produced
- Launch day of revived business sees huge crowds arrive
- "Expert" takes credit and wanders off like littlest Hobo to next PR opportunity

So from all of that we see that the most consistently used marketing area by the "Experts" is Public Relations! Why is this (something for SME's to note), well, because it has the most potential for highest return on investment over any other marketing channel.

What have we learnt there? Always set some budget aside when you are starting up for public relations and design. :-)

Carry on about your business... nothing to see here.

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