18th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Laughs At Chancellor Political Public Relations Campaign Hypocrisy

Every year there is a wave of press about City Bankers who earn a stonking great bonus for their work. It is true they earn an obsurd amount of money but conversly they are in a sector of the financial services industry that is piled with pressure and results in huge levels of breakdowns and suicides.

The stockbrokers have weeks to turn round huge profits for the companies they work for and generally this is why they get such huge bonuses.

So, enter the relatively new Chancellor, Alistair Darling, to give the stock brokers a boot saying that something needs to be done to curb the size of their huge bonuses...

Is this not a tad hypocritical? Does the Chancellor not have better public relation campaigns that he can wage?

Alistair Darling
Alistair, Darling, Concentrate on Improving the Economy Maybe?

This is the same Chancellor who will probably follow all other previous Chancellors by going to work for one of the big global banks, taking all his insider knowledge with him for a pot of gold that not even a stockbroker could carry.

When it comes to picking your PR battles this is probably not the best move in the world. Maybe it was a token gesture back to the working class routes of the Labour Party?

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