15th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Laughs at CIA & Labour Party Public Relations Revelation on Wikipedia

I only skim read this story in Metro but it made me smile despite rushing through it.

In the worst kept secret since it was revealed David Icke was not really Jesus Christ a Wikipidea tracing company has named and shamed some of the bigger institutions who have had a bash at editing their own pages on the site to read more favourably.

The headline was the fact the Labour party has done it, shock horror, is anyone surprised by that. For info, it is alleged a Labour insider tweaked the student section to remove text that referred to it being a careerist politician playground.

Again, not totally shocked to see the CIA has had a dabble, playing round with the background of Regans career before he came to be President. What did shock me was the CIA apparently messed around with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer entry... why would they do that? All that tells me is that the CIA are geeks.

CIA Emblem
Experts in Digital Tweakery

Other big names caught dabbling, Wal-Mart, the American Democrat and Republican parties, Diebold (makers of voting machines), The Vatican (ha ha ha - I can imagine them typing in,"he was real, honest, it aint just an elaborate fable"), oh yeah, and Kwik-e-Mart :-)

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All good fun. The truth is out there.

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