11th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Laughs at Gordon Brown's "End of Spin" Pledge

So this week has been a monster one for the government, the sad but continuing deaths in Iraq, the terrorist bombers, Alastair Campbell's diary and the PR he has done himself to promote it (rubbishing Brown's no more spin pledge), oh yes, and buried underneath all this is the flood victims in Hull.

For Brown to say on one hand that he is no longer going to allow spin and PR to dominate the Government agenda I find it hypocrytical that he then helps to force the poor innocent flood victims down the media agenda.

If it had not been for the crazy bombers the flood victims would be front page every day as thousands of people are still suffering and the Governments pledge of £14m would be seen for the ridiculously low amount it really is.

It is convenient for Brown to keep this lower down the media agenda as he then won't face pressure to give more financial aid.

Gordon Brown
Golden Brown PR None Spinner

I wonder if the Government was anything to do with the leak that the police had previously interviewed the convicted terrorist?

Will spin end under Brown? I very much doubt it, Campbell has set in place an amazingly successful PR machine and it is still working well to this day.

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