31st Oct 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Laughs at Ryanair Public Beating By Government Department

Did anyone else read this weeks Guardian Media? This week there was a fantastic letter to the editor from the head of the Advertising Standards Agency giving Ryanair an absolute beating.

I have to admit to smiling all the way through the letter. Everyone has a pop at government departments saying that they are toothless and unable to act properly and Ryanair did a bit of a put up job the week before, blatently giving off the record contributions to an article in the same paper saying that they were going to ignore the ASA.

Well, the ASA beat them with the shittiest end of the shitty stick and as I say, I loved it.

The ASA pointed out that whilst Ryanair claim they have ignored the ASA's decisions, in reality the ASA has the power to go direct to media, as they did about a recent Ryanair ad, and warn them not to run the offending adverts again or face the consequences.

Ryanair Chief
Michael O'leary, MD of Ryanair

The ASA also point out that, and I agree, that Ryanair is actually alienating more potential customers than they are actually winning, with their confrontational adverts and agressive nature.

Finally, the ASA made it very clear that whilst Ryanair may say publicly that they continue to run ads that the ASA do not approve of, in reality Ryanair have not run the offending adverts since.

No doubt the MD of Ryanair will be on to the Guardian to try and get a right to reply in the paper on Monday and it will be flipping great to watch this unfold. I must admit I am on the side of the ASA on this one.

p.s. to make it even better Ryanair got voted worst airline again in the annual Tripadvisor survey.

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