15th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Launches New ClearMyMail PR Campaign

We have unleashed a public relations beast today and this time it is for Clear My Mail again.

It is a really strong story that names Talk Talk as the most targeted ISP by spammers. This is all part of our longer term plan to keep ClearMyMail at the top of the public agenda.

The last story we did for them resulted in the company signing up more new customers on any one day than they have ever experienced before. This is obviously great news for ClearMyMail but it also helps us to achieve our goal of becoming a leading UK public relation agency, and one what’s more, a leading public relations agency that is based in the mighty south west (yarp).
Love Your email again, use this company to ditch spam!

You can see the release here, but already we are getting good feedback from some big players so we cannot wait to see the final coverage that comes up.

So far it has been front page news on WebUser, one of the largest media outlets in our target market. You can see the write up by clicking here.

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