09th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Likes EDF Energy Recycling TV Clips Advert

Energy companies always struggle when it comes to improving their reputation (I used to work for one) but in recent years the marketing and PR campaigns they have adopted have began to pay off.

EDF Energy has come up with a really great angle for its "above the line" marketing campaign (wanky marketing speak for "TV Adverts"!) by forming the entire advert from old TV clips.

This has enabled the comapny to say that it is "recycling" old TV clips to save energy... see what they did there. I was going to end with a bitchy spike and say that by using old clips it would have saved them the production and filming costs of making new footage but thinking about it they would have had to pay bucket loads of wonga for the footage they have used so it is simply a nice blog post that says you should check out the advert.

Here it is:

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