13th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Likes Google News Allowing Story Subjects to Comment

Just had a chance to read a few pages of the Guardian Media section before we go off to have a creative meeting about a clients design work and managed to skim through the new Google News Comment feature.

I did not read it in detail but the general idea is that if a person or company is featured in a story that is carried by Google News there is an opportunity for those featured to comment on the story, i.e. potentially put their side across.

Looks like McDonalds were the first to use it but more importantly it signals the move from Google being a news gathering and information site to a new generation tool.

Google Founder
Larry Page of Google

This means that reporters following up on a story can use the responding comments on Google to add more to the story.

A great move not only for Google but also for all the news hungry people out there.

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