31st Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Listens out for Gloucester Hearing Aid Centre

So, as you can see from Jilly's post below, things have been quite surreal so far today.

To make it all the more confusing we are now somehow receiving calls for the local Hearing Aid Centre here in Gloucester who must have diverted their number to our meeting room phone by accident.

Yesterday afternoon we had about 15 calls from elderly people in various stages of deafness trying to book appointments to get their flooded or faulty hearing aids sorted.

This has continued this morning with the added factor that the people ringing are getting madder and madder because they are dialing a number that is correct, only for it to get diverted to us.

One of the company's other branches has now rang us to confirm we are the wrong number (duh!) and I am at the stage where I am thinking we should go into the Hearing Aid business as we have a ready built client list.

Gloucester Hearing Aid Centre
Where is my mother flobbing hearing aid Yetis?

Makes me smile and that is all that matters after 10 days without a shower at home :-)

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