08th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Looks for Lyclear - All PR's are Headlice - AA Gill

Opened my favourite media section of a national paper today (The Guardian) to be treated to a quite harsh quote courtesy of AA Gill the food critic.

AA Gill has shares in Lyclear?

Talking about PR's he said, "I have never acted on a press release or gone out to dinner with a PR... I think PR is a ridiculous job. They are the headlice of of civilisation".

So, there we have it... another sign up to the "We Love PR People" camp.

I think the Public Relations industry is probably the most untrusted industry going (after sales, maybe) which is ironic given we are here to communicate. Still, old news... A N Other journo hates a PR person.

The charismatic AA Gill
To PR people AA is the 4 emergency service

The reality as I see it... in a world of tight media deadlines, they need us, we need them. End of... sorry AA.

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