15th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis looks to the skies...

So, towards the end of a very news drenched day, I thought I'd mention the most interesting and light hearted story I read: the fact that the MOD have released some of their 'X-Files'!

It is basically a load of childishly drawn pictures, by raving loonies/policemen (is there a difference?), who all claim that they saw such incidences as green men descending upon Westminster and UFOs flying over the Thames.

The Ministry have stated that they do not follow up on many of the claims, but document them all. I'd love to be the bloke who gets to filter through all of the pictures! The files apparently contain all witness and government correspondence - and dates back to the '70s.

Ah well, we all needed something to cheer us up following the tragedies in Burma and China.

Do I pick on her too much?

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