24th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Loves Local Radio for Crisis Info - not songs!

So, given it is all we have bleated on about, we are in the middle of a flood that is allegedly worst since 1947. I am not getting into the political response, suffice to say, we don't need enquiries, we don't need politicians pitching up, we need to realise it is a freak of nature and probably a one off.

Now it is a case of cleaning up and getting water back on (yes, 3rd day without, electric came back on yesterday).

What is great is that the local BBC Radio Gloucestershire has been a beacon of support, good advice and news updates. This is what the BBC does best, public information. No over the top reaction like the local commercial radio station who still tried to get people to look at their website depsite the fact no one had any power.

Hats off to the BBC Producers and Presenters... not so hats off to the music selectors at the BBC.

So far we have had:
We Are Sailing
When you are smiling
Loads by Wet Wet Wet...

Water is all around us
Wet Wet Bloody Wet

Obviously supposed to be ironic! :-)

Made me smile.

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