03rd May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis loves Raffle.it: a new take on online trading!

We have been talking to the guys at Raffle.it for a while now, and are extremely excited about the business model and potential to give something back! Coverage is starting to seep out, and the idea that not only commercial raffles, but also charity raffles will take place has garnered some great feedback for the guys.

Everybody and everything has a beginning, and Raffle it look set for good things. Pascale, the owner claims "We might be revolutionising the humble raffle, but Raffle.it itself isn’t revolutionary. Raffles are such a powerful mechanism for channeling common interest but are so often overlooked and underestimated. People that enter a raffle do so because of their interest in the prize or their interest in the beneficiary. With a couple of tweaks Raffle.it was borne to be used by anyone - for good cause, personal gain, or commercial awareness.”

Nice quote.

Check it out!

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