02nd Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Loving the Last Batch of Creme Eggs

OMG.......a more than slightly ecstatic Helen here......

There I was beavering away hard at work, when a rather large parcel arrives, normally this wouldn't warrant even a flicker of my attention BUT my sparkly little eyes then latched onto the Cadbury's sticker which was clinging to the box like gold dust.....KERCHING!!!

I jumped from the chair with such a start that I gave myself stitch, grabbing the box from Jilly like my life depended on it........ripping the parcel open with such intensity that the packaging was obliterated in one swift action, and there lay........pause.......deep breath........a chocoholics dream........a gift box of CREME EGGS!!!!! And possibly the last batch available as they are now in post Easter decline (see previous blog).

I jumped and I jumped and I jumped with glee, and nearly broke the floor boards in the process but had to stop for fear of a mild astma attack.

Many many thanks to the lovely gentleman from UK Web Hosting Company, CS New Media, who commissioned the eggs to me, Carl I think I am actually in LOVE with you!!!

Here's the lovely batch of the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen, yum, yum , yum....

And NO I am NOT sharing them!!!!

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