14th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis make good use of the PR things they find

I think that we should give a mention to The Good Old Wombles.

The producers of the show have taken the potentially controversial decision to battle against 'foreign' TV, highlighting that only 1% of British TV is British made - Uncle Bulgaria can't even remember the days where he was behind the times anymore, it's gotten so bad...

The video highlights the fact that kids are picking up on Americanisms, and subtly pokes a furry satirical finger at the crime conveyed in TV shows today for societies downfalls.

The Wombles have received some serious coverage over the last week, due to their video, which can be seen below. Check it out - it makes a great point, but unfortunately I can't see how it is going to help the issue, as many people (including me) didn't even think was a problem.

Either way, let's get behind the effort - if people didn't stand up for what they believed in, Prison Break would have fell apart during the pilot. "Damn, my brother's on Death Row sentenced for a crime he did not commit. Should I mastermind an ingenius plan to get him out, and consequently plot the downfall of a corrupt government? Uh... on second thought, I'm scared of needles. I'll give it a miss." THE END.

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