11th Sep 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Meets Gary & Gita

Woohoo... 10 Yetis has now officially made it!

Every now and again Gary from Creospace and his lovely wife Gita who runs Gita Bembere go on a bit of tour to meet various other businesses and people from across the UK.

Gary and Gita
Gary & Gita getting papped for the blog

We have only just managed to recover from missing the last tour but this year Yeti Towers made it onto the travel list and we spent a nice few hours lunching and catching up.

What is more, they know us so well that they brought us biscuits, shoklat and a selection of Gita's handmade cards.

The way to 10 Yetis heart

Lunch was at our favourite venue of Bearlands and we even gave them the royal tour of Gloucester own Cathedral (where Parry Hotter is filmed in places).

Nice middle of the week moment.

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