21st Sep 2009, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis More sunshine.co.uk Global Consumer Coverage & The Sun!

The sunshine.co.uk story about crazy British complaints is going really well still and had some massive global coverage in Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald (oh yeah, and the mobile phone company, Orange, website!) as well as some Norwegian exposure and a bit of Czech love as well.

Oh yeah... and The Sun!

10 Yetis National Consumer PR Agency
The Current Bun Goes for some sunshine.co.uk

Melbourne Age
sunshine.co.uk in the Melbourne Age

10 Yetis Global Media PR Campaign
sunshine.co.uk on the Orange Website

10 Yetis Norway PR Agency
No way Norway Was Going to Miss the sunshine.co.uk Story

10 Yetis Digital Media Relations
Czech out this sunshine.co.uk Love

All good...

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