31st May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Nearly Wiped Out By Runner Bean

I have just arrived back at the office to find Jilly projectile vomitting into the toilet and 10 Yetis essentially in a state of panic. I went into crisis management mode, i.e. booted up my PC, checked my mails and then went to explore the root of the problem.

Was it the result of a rogue competitor trying to get rid of one of the UK's most gifted designers? Were we the victims of some form of poisoned envelopes designed to get rid of us one by one? Was it Alan the accountant, annoyed that our year end accounts were in such a state? Could it have been a rogue batch of chocolates from one of our lovely clients (we had 2 boxes last week!).

Fingers were being pointed everywhere...

Then a very pale looking Jilly emerged from the toilet and the story of the 10 Yetis "Russian style" poisoning began.

Turns out that at sometime O'clock today Jilly was feeling peckish and so she toddled off to Sainsbury's to get some healthy veg snack type thing.

At Sainsbury's she had a mooch and plumped for some runner beans not reading the label. After polishing the entire packet off RAW, she read the label where it said "Do not eat raw"! Eeeeeeek.

20 minutes later she is puking in the loo and 10 Yetis is in a Code Red situation...

Apparently she will be better in 3-4 hrs so Jilly has gone home to recover.
Runner Beans Kill!
The killer beans!
So there we have it blog readers, NEVER EAT RAW RUNNER BEANS.

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