28th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis 'newbie' Rich's responses to Andy's (slightly irreverent) Q&A

Rich Leigh Smith

Place of Birth:

If you could be a type of soup, what type of soup would you be?
Right, I was asked this question during the interview and once I managed to regain some form of composure, I gave an equally unnecessary answer. Chicken. Thinking on my feet, that was the best I could come up with. When asked for an explanation, I simply said (well... nearly asked actually): 'because it's full of protein...?'. Whose Line is it Anyway-style improvisation like you've never seen my new friends.

Why did you take the job?
I have always been passionate about two things: sports (especially rugby) and English Literature. As a young guy about to leave school, the time came where I had to make a decision about which path to take - follow the masses to University to study English Lit, or follow my heart and qualify as a Personal Trainer. Having worked within fitness for a few years, I can dispell the myth that it is all roses, although I love what I did. I have a 16 month old daughter called Maia, who inadvertantly inspired me to look for jobs in the field of writing, where I came across the 10 Yetis opening. I jumped at it, and threatened Andy with taking away the Dominos charge card unless they offered me a job. Here I sit, so I think you can see how much it means to them.

Favorite BBQ Food?
Ribs (on occasion!)

What sweet skills will you bring to the role?
I will be enforcing a strict exercise and nutritional regime. Expect Andy and Jilly to adorn the covers of fitness magazines worldwide in given time.

My daughter Maia (pronounced 'May-a') and I in a typical unashamed guns shot.

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