29th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Newbie's Complete First Day in 'Proper Job'

So the story of our first day begins...by gingerly peering through the office door at 9am yesterday morning. In fear of getting cold feet at the sight of Jilly and Andy's morning faces we had devised an escape plan of swiftly legging it back down the corridor for freedom BUT this was quickly rumbled by Andy's intent to lure us in with Tesco finest cookies!!!

And then...we were entrapped!!!! Rich and I were quickly initiated into 10 Yetis life by a quick mawl from the dog, a brief stint on facebook and some RnB bangers (obviously they were trying to act cool and i've no doubt the Dolly Parton classics will be blaring soon...eekkkk)

Lunch followed, and it was to no suprise that Domino's pizza had the pleasure of our company (apparently Andy and Jilly have their own account)!!! Nothing works better than bribing employees with food, however when we both end up morbidly obese compensation might need to be considered!!! Whilst i took no time in devouring a greasy pepperoni mess, Rich seemed to struggle with the excessive calorie intake and general unhealthiness of his margherita classic. In fact I'm quite sure he went home and ran for about 4 miles to burn the bloody thing off!!!

Contented and feeling rather full, the fast paced morning subsided and we began the afternoon lull by perusing through a few tabloids, mainly conferring over the stupidity of Ashley Coles cheating blunder and the tragic loss of Heath Ledger's beautiful face. An afternoon stroll followed, by this time Andy and Jilly were just gagging to get some peace from our truly horrendous chat and the words 'TAKE A BREAK' were strictly enforced!!! Rich kindly offered to show me the sites of Gloucester town centre, which in all honesty left a lot to be desired, but I'm informed the Knobbly Cob makes up for everything it is lacking!!! (I am assured this is an awesome sandwich shop even though it sounds a bit dodgy). The locals however made a huge impression as they littered the streets in droves...undeniably unique, quirky and slightly deranged are the descriptive undertones that spring to mind and the manic preacher that insisted on thrusting the words of god in my face has nearly prevented me from venturing out ever again!!!

And so with the trials and tribulations of our first day complete, the story ends...

But our Yeti adventure will undoubtedly be continued!!!!

rich leigh and helen wallace

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