07th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis nods off at Adidas' Viral Attempts

Adidas' latest marketing effort has come under a bit of criticism here at Yeti HQ, mainly for the pretentious way it is conveyed.

In all honesty, the 3 minute long video has all the charm of a fart, and retains your attention about as well as That Drunken Bloke Who Drinks By Himself In The Pub does when telling you all about his excuse for a life.

The funniest parts of the video are where old Adi Dassler takes credit for sporting heroes' success, such as the self-proclamation that his shoes helped Germany beat the 'world beating' Hungarians. You see, as long as you're wearing Adidas trainers, you escape the restrictive confines of reality and could even beat Marius Pudzianowski in an arm-wrestle, or Jackie Stallone in an ugly contest.

'Maybe they saw the truth and honesty stitched into every product...' Yeah. By Indonesian children living in worse conditions than hemorrhoids.

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