07th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Notices Direct Line Steps Up its Attack on Comparison Sites

The financial services industry is a cut throat market and securing leads for a company is a multi million pound business. For years the likes of MoneySupermarket and GoCompare have been forging ahead and companies who do not make their systems compatible with the comparison sites often lose out.

I noticed that one big company, Direct Line, came out a few months ago and had a pop at the comparison sites because the price you see on them is often no where near the price you pay when you click through to the actualy insurance companies site.

I often noticed this myself when looking at car, travel and home insurance and now Direct Line have gone from mentioning this publically in the press to now doing TV adverts saying this.

Direct Line
They aint going on no comparison site - Fool

A brave move, especially when the national media now use these comparison sites for their own statistics sections of the newspapers.

Fair play to Direct Line for making a stand but is it too late?

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