06th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Offers Free Showbusiness Public Relations Agency Help to Spice Girls

Listening to Chris Moyles this morning I had to agree that The Spice Girls message to fans about why they are cancelling the rest of their tour was quite patronising. When you think that the majority of their fans are grown women, you have to wonder if the tone of the message was right.

I imagine it was scripted by a publicist - note, not a PR! :-) but I think it is causing them more grief than it is helping.

What really surprises me is that in Victoria Beckham and Sporty Spice they have two really savvy media operators so why did they not just let those two write it. I actually feel a bit sorry for Posh and Sporty as I think the whole tour has done their credibility no good, especially at a time when the media was both starting to warm to them.

Here is the message they put out:

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