12th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Petrol The Situation

So, it looks as though this 4-day petrol strike will be going ahead and is thought to involve about 500 drivers and 1 in 10 filling stations; claiming drivers’ wages haven’t gone up since 1992!

Despite the government urging people not to panic buy, I witnessed what I can only describe as ‘the first day of January sales’ type behaviour. As my partner and I pulled up towards out nearest petrol station (I’m sure everyone says this, but we genuinely needed petrol!), we found ourselves stuck in massive queues of petrol station traffic, and then what turned into some sort of car brawl!

Car horns were going off left right and centre and people even started reversing their cars the wrong way through the station, missing out all the queues and potentially causing some danger (not to mention the fact that these cars were then trapped, facing the wrong way in the station because no one would let these sneaky petrol fillers out!)! By the time we got to the entrance, only one pump had any petrol left in it!

They're certainly making their point...!

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