13th Apr 2006, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Photography takes Urban Spirit Photoshoot Forward

In the style of Michael Caine, "Not many people know we do photography"... ok so he never said the photo bit.

Well, yesterday we completed a photoshoot for a leading Urban streetwear company, UrbanSpirit.

The shoot was to back-up some public relations work we are doing for UrbanSpirit and their MD, lovely Lola, was there to make sure things went smoothly along with one of her team, a stylist, and our model for the day, Donatella.

Donatella has worked on a number of high profile projects and is really one of the UK's rising media stars. She has some really exciting stuff going on at the moment, all of which is pretty top-secret, but you will see her everywhere very soon!

Donatella was great to work with, a really nice person and not at all the Diva that her own site makes out! The day went well, and we got hundreds of different shots in various glam outfits.

The apartments where the shoot took place are really nice, they have a pool, sauna and gym as well as rooftop gardens. We used most of these places as a backdrop for the shoot.

As you can see from the shots of Jill wedged in a hallway at the apartments where the shoot took place the world of PR photography is not always glamorous and plenty of time is spent between outfits sorting the next shots and tweaking the angles of what we have done.

Jill huddled by the pool corridor checking pic quality in the apartment during the shoot

As I said, Donatella was really nice and here is one of the behind the scenes shots with her eating a Hershey Chocolate bar... turns out that White Chocolate is not her favourite (shoot the prop buyer - me!).

strike a pose - vogue

Once we have spoke to Lola about the shots to take forward I am sure Jill will put some on her Phlog.

Downer of the day, me getting caught in one sequence of shots trying to run out of the way... Jill found these hilarious when she reviewed them.

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