07th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Ponders a Strange News Week Just Gone

Whadda ya reckon? Wierd news week last week or what.

Most of the journo's I spoke to on Wednesday were pleading with PR's to not send any releases through because they were trying to catch up (as were most PR's). This meant that not much really hit the "breaking news" sections of the 24 hour TV channels and on a really positive note also enabled the Kenya situation to get the level of coverage it deserved.

Come Friday though and journo's were ringing round their usual story sources trying to find something new to write about because senior publishing people were not happy at the lack of "fresh news". Obviously this was heaven sent for PR's who are always on the lookout for story opportunities.

An ex colleague of mine who works in financial services said that she took calls from all the major media in that sector on either late Thursday or early Friday as they realised they did not have enough stories or had not finished stories they were working on.

Still, at least Britney did the honourable thing and gave reporters another opportunity to write about her slipping further down the fame slope. Poor lady.

Old Hat
Journo v PR battles - Old Hat?

Maybe 2008 will be the year for the cooling of the Journo v PR battle that many people speak of.

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