23rd Oct 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis PR Champion Is At Deaths Door

As millions of men around the globe will testify, we get colds much worse than the female of the species.

I have a man cold and because I want to power through it (no faffing about) I have sent out to Boots to get some emergency supplies.

All emergency food parcels greatfully accepted.

Here are the tools that will drag me away from my deathbed:

Cold Supplies
The choice of champions

If anyone speaks to Jilly, do not listen to her, I am proper ill and it is not just a "weakass man cold"!

p.s. A little tip; if you are ever in Boots and think "ooh, I will just spray on some aftershave as I forgot to put some on this morning", always check you have the male version of the fragrance or you smell a bit odd for the rest of the day.

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