04th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Prediction - Thorntons Chocolate Is On the Way Back up

I am not a City Slicker or even someone who professes to know much about stock market and company trends so don't for god's sake let this blog post lead you to buy any shares... Legal caveat over :-)

I remember reading loads over the last few years about how Thorntons Chocoloate is in decline and maybe (if I remember rightly) its chief exec being replaced not so long ago. Recently I read that its trading was also negatively affected by the hot weather which meant people wanted ice cream and not choccy's.

But... I am going to be bold and predict an upturn... "why" I hear you ask? Well, a chap by the name of Peter Wright has been appointed as Marketing Director... "big so what" you shout at me...

Peter Wright is a former Tesco's marketing guru and although we at 10 Yetis cannot stand the supermarkets for a number of reasons, you have to take your hat off to Tesco for some of the most memorable, innovative and hard working marketing campaigns ever rolled out.
mm chocolate
A finger of fudge was just enough

On the occasions where I have to go to a Tesco (forced!) I never fail to be amazed by the marketing activity that is all around you in the store.

It is for this region that I do predict that if the other Thorntons directors trust Mr Wright he will turn them around and get them back on track.

All I can say is thank god because I am loving Thorntons chocolate.

mmmm logo
A favourite Choccy store for Yetis (along with Hotel Chocolat!)

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