10th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Predicts The End of the Jamie Oliver & Sainsbury's Relationship

The Multi-Millionaire Sir Jamie of Oliver had a pop at his bosses from Sainsbury's because they failed to turn up to a meeting he was trying to set up between all the supermarkets about some problem with chickens.

I say problems, what I mean is that Oliver is out to rid the world of battery chickens that apparently get sold to supermarkets for less than £2.00. Not a good plight for the chickens I say.

Anywho, Oliver is such a savvy media operator I reckon he had a public pop at his supermarket bosses as he either wants out of his contract and knows they will can him for the outburst, or that Sainsbury's has dropped him but not gone public yet so he knew he was safe to do so.

Pic Cred: Sky News
Oliver - Please sir, can I have some more adverts

Mark my words (famous last words for the following prediction never to come true), the Oliver will not be working for them for much longer (unless it is all part of a publicity attracting stunt).

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