25th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Prepares the Tin Hat as Sky V Virgin goes Nuclear

Insults have been pinging backwards and forwards between Sky and Virgin since 10 Yetis blogged up on the channel war.

Sky announced that it was going to start an advertising campaign about the situation but then Virgin got its legal team on the case and Sky put the ads on hold for now.

Virgin has fought back though with its own advert explaining the situation which is rumoured to be going in Sunday and Monday papers!

Don't press the red button
The screen that Virgin Customers will see from Thursday!

Both sides have until Thursday to sort a deal out but senior sources (according to the Observer) at both companies are refusing to start talks again.

Virgin has also now snapped up the rights to the likes of Series 1 & 2 of Lost for its On Demand service which they hope will encourage people to stay with them should Sky still refuse to drop its asking price.

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