21st Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Press Releases Are Loved By The Media

We use Google to track some of the more remote media mentions that we and our wonderful clients get. I was checking through them this weekend when I saw one from a newspaper in the Wessex region.

It was for The Shoppers Bible and before the editor of the paper, Fanny Smith, talked about the site she mentioned how attractive our press releases are... This is really nice of her and in the last few months we have had a similar message from a reporter at BBC TV along with a Sky News Reporter who actually said that it was "the best press release I have read for ages" about a story we were working on for another client.

Rather than this just being about me bigging up how good we are, it shows that being a bit quirky pays off and gets you noticed against a backdrop of thousands of other messages from people after coverage... and that is why 10 Yetis can help your business.

We have quirky public relations campaigns,

We have quirky attitudes to applying commercially successful graphic design campaigns,

We make sure our ideas have the pub factor in that people talk about them with their friends and this stand you in great stead should you come to us for a viral campaign...

Below is the Wessex piece.

Fanny Smith liked a 10 Yetis client Press Release

Good fun "innit"

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