17th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Public Relations Agency Financial Services Pitch

As ever, no names mentioned in order to protect the innocent and uphold the law etc etc (i.e. bit premature to mention anything at this stage).

Had a really good pre-pitch meeting today at a big independent financial advisor company based in the South West. I forgot how much I loved talking about and working in financial services. The industry is so fluid because of all the market changes and regulatory red tape but it is constantly evolving to meet market needs and I reckon it is this kind of cut and thrust that makes it such an attractive sector to work in, especially in a public relations or marketing environment.

Bank of England Offices

I am really hoping we can win this client and wow them with our ideas just so I have an excuse to start getting Financial Adviser and Money Marketing magazines again... no really... sad I know :-)

Ho hum... thought it was worth a blog.

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