02nd Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Public Relations Agency Gets Recommended by Journalists!

How cool is this; today we had a call from a prospective client and it looks like we may be able to help them raise their profile in the media which is, as you would expect me to say, fan-flipping-tastic. As "the deal" is no where near sealed I cannot name names and all that but I wanted to mention one thing...

As I was rambling on in my usual confused style I remembered to ask the golden marketing question, "how did you hear about us". Nice nice nice, well done me for remembering.

The answer that came back made me nearly spit out my orange flavoured coca cola*, it was only a good old journalist who said they should speak to us.

Hi praise does not get any better... I immediately emailed the hack in question and thanked them... and as they mentioned they even read our blog (he says trying to remember if he has ever posted anything funny about journo's), I want to thank them again on here.

Journalists love 10 Yetis
All journo's I have ever met wear these, at all times

Cheers, you know who you are. :-)

*bought my mistake, it is horrid, don't try it.

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