13th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Public Relations Media Data Base Breakthrough

Bit of a geeky public relations blog so jog on if you don't fancy falling asleep.

For ages now I have been lobbying Gorkana, Features Exec and MediaDisk for the ability to spread payments for their services across 12 months. I should explain that these are providers of media databases that contain journo's contact details and what stories they have written or are working on (a very basic overview).

I have always put forward that a bit of leniency towards SME PR agencies will allow them (the PR's) to get even more clients by using a media database but all three have historically told me to get lost.

This has been really frustrating, expecially Features Exec and Gorkana because these have, in my opinion, the best services.

Anyway, today I rang MediaDiskOnline, probably the biggest of the three, and they have said that they now allow companies to spread payments across 12 months. Fantastic news.

Gorkana Database
One of the best media data bases in the UK

Lets hope Gorkana and Features Exec reconsider their financial deals before a swarm of SME public relations companies sign up to MediaDiskOnline and the other two lose out on a potentially large amount of market share.

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