08th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Reads about Times, Sunday Times & News of the World Job Losses

Sad news for News International based journo's as The Guardian reveals in its media section that the media group is going to be axing around 100 of its 1,400 staff across title such as The Times, The Sunday Times, News of the Screws and the The Sun.

The announcement says that where possible the company will be looking to use voluntary redundancy, natural attrition (not replacing roles where people leave) and early retirement.

The Times is rumoured to be losing 30 of its 440 journo roles, the Sunday Times is 20 of its 280 journo's, 20 from the News of the Screw and no figure has been given for the Sun.

It will be interesting to see which sections are affected the most as in recent times it has been business and personal finance sections that have been trimmed across other news groups.
Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch Tries a Smile as Head of News Int

According to the Guardian article, "News International is understood to be seeking savings of around £30m as part of "budgetary requirements" for its 2007-08 financial year, which starts on July 1".

Sad times for hacks...

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